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Reduce Fuel Consumption by reducing Idle Time

15th Aug 2008

Reduce Fuel Consumption by reducing Idle Time

 As fuel prices spiral ever upwards reducing your fuel and garage bills will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The chart below shows DAILY, MONTHLY and ANNUAL costs for vehicles idling for 1 hour per day @ fuel cost of £5.91 per gallon.




Daily Idling Cost

Monthly idling cost

Yearly Idling cost






















You do the sums, Our Tracking systems cost from £0.65 per day inclusive of all costs.


Our GPS Tracking system will allow you to:


  • Monitor daily Idle time
  • Monitor speeds – Excessive speed burns fuel
  • Ensure drivers are taking direct routes
  • Monitor drivers start and finish time
  • Monitor drivers time on site vs time driving
  • Monitor vehicle costs and fuel usage
  • Optional extra: Monitor vehicle On Board Diagnostic (OBD) to give you true MPG, Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration using our new built in Can-bus reader.
  • Monitor CO2 emmisions

In addition one hour idling per day over one year is equivalent to 64,000 miles in engine wear when adding up all the contributing factors. 

A recent study shows that a vehicle using Motorway routes that don't exceed 70mph will benefit from an extra 7mpg.

These figures are based on studies that show on average a vehicle burns one gallon of fuel for every one hour idle.

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John Jones, Padarn Cars “As a business we always invest in new technology and strive to keep ahead of our competitors. Greenlane Fuelsaver and Plant-i have given us a solution resulting in a major competitive advantage and helping to secure of future whilst helping us reduce our CO2 emissions, we will use this in our company environmental policy and include this in future tendering.”

John Jones

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